The Work of Louis Rota

Louis Rota's Archives

This page contains documents that are unclassified or under analysis.

Naturalisation de LGV Rota

Louis Rota was nationalized before the fall of the French Government and its replacement by the Vichy government (July 10, 1940).

Extract from the Official Journal.

The President of the French Republic, on the report of the Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice,
Decrees: ....

Art. 1st - are naturalized French by application of article 6 (§ 1st) of the law of August 10, 1927:
ROTA (Luigi-Giovanni-Valério, engineer, born July 1, 1886, in Lu-Monferrato (Italy), residing in Mont-Saint-Aignan (Seine-Inférieure).
Art. 2.
The Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice is responsible for this decree, which will be published in the Official Journal.

Done in Paris, May 23, 1940,
By the President of the Republic: ALBERT LEBRUN

The Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice ALBERT SEROL

The Saint-Aignan laboratory and the National Assembly

On February 27, 1947, Deputy Louis Marin made a brief reference to the research work carried out by Louis Rota during a long speech to the National Assembly.

Excerpt from the speech of  Louis Marin

On the eve of 1939, we were on the point, in a laboratory in Saint Aignan, of discovering the means of stopping the engines remotely. I also hope that the progress of this work has not been stopped.

It's a simple sentence, but meaningful because of the personality of the speaker.

Louis Marin was an experienced politician, minister of state several times during his long career. Dismissed from the government in 1940 following his opposition to Marshal Pétain, he remained in France and joined the Resistance. Exfiltrated to London in 1944, he became a member of the Provisional Consultative Assembly, then of the two Constituent Assemblies and was elected, in 1946, at to the first National Assembly of the Fourth Republic.

The professional career, the personality of Louis Martin allow us to suppose that the allusion to the laboratory of Louis Rota was not a simple oratorical effect.

There must certainly be documents in the military archives that could shed light on Louis Rota's work.



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