The Work of Louis Rota

Louis Rota (1886-1951)

Louis Rota, born Luigi Georgio Valerio Rota, is a forgotten pioneer of radio electricity. In 1915, the British Admiralty invited him to join the research teams working on the military applications of radio waves: air and underwater detection, securing radio communications, etc. .... He benefited all his life from subsidies allowing him to finance his research while creating his own laboratory.

Listening to telluric currents.

Louis Rota was particularly interested in telluric currents and designed devices to detect and analyze them. After years of research, he concluded that these were more fundamental phenomena than electro-magnetism and named them "universal currents". After his death in 1951, his tools and archives were dispersed, his laboratory destroyed, and his knowledge lost..

In search of the "universal currents".

LGV Rota is also our grandfather and our great-grandfather. By discovering what little remains of him, two questions arise: How did he manage to obtain such financial support for his research for more than 40 years? What would he have discovered?
By objectively publishing all the archives concerning him, we hope to gather other elements that will shed light on the path of this extraordinary relative.

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At the beginning of the last century, Louis Rota made sensational statements about a new source of energy that he thought he could control. He humbly admitted later that he was wrong "because of incorrect assumptions".

He did, however, obtain significant financial support while working closely with, among others, military men and doctors. But he never completely revealed "his secret" which he described using a formalism understood only by himself.

Did he really discover something unexplained? Why was it given so much funding? The restoration of its devices, the opening of military archives may be able to provide some answers.

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