L'audition des ondes électromagnétiques

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I found some strange and interesting facts. Apparently certain people claim to be able to "hear" the aurora borialis even though this is hunderds of mile up and atmospheric pressure nearly zero at that altitude. Also others can hear radar. Clyde E Ingalls has been researching this:




The important point is that the hearing does not seem to be done with the ear but "A place on the forehead" Some people with defective hearing could hear radar other not. Flanagan patented a device years ago called a neurophone US patent 3,393,279 also Puharich 3,563,246 for deaf people . Puharich stimulates the facial nerve with an RF carrier of 100 Khz modulated with an audio signal etc.

Rota's did his early RF experiments as seen in his patents, with head phones and detectors of that time. I think that later on in his Teddington period he suddenly found that he was hearing signals that other people could not hear. This idea would explain why he never tried to record the universal current (recorders existed at the time), and why to quote Layman "he was not able to produce tangible evidence of the actuality of his discovery" to his financial backers. Basically, they could not hear the universal currents.

Rota's headphones did not give sound but "signals" which he alone could hear. He later found one or two other people who could hear them. This is why Kresser did not take up Rota's method fully. Kresser's lecture suggests he could hear something but not the detail which Rota could hear. This also explains why he Rota was so cagey about his work, because of the difficulty of finding others who could hear the currents.