Mystérieux signal de janvier 1920

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Nous ignorons qui était le destinataire de cette lettre, ainsi que si elle fut envoyée. Ce document est cependant intéressant pour plusieurs raisons:

  • Rappel historique
    Les signaux dont parle rota sont probablement des ondes radio cosmiques.
From Mr. Dennis Gannon, Washington D.C
Tesla déclara avoir détecté de telles ondes pour la première fois en 1899. En proposant que des Martiens pourraient être à l'origine de ces émissions, if fut couvert de ridicule par les autorités scientifiques. Cette déclaration fit cependant le bonheur des éditeurs de science fiction
En 1920, le phénomène se reproduisit, mais cette fois-ci, la radio s'étant banalisée, les observations furent corroborées par de nombreux observateurs. Des scientifiques attribuèrent ce rayonnment aux étoiles, hypothèse qui ne fut confirmée qu'en 1933 par Karl Jansky. Quelques années plus tard naissait la Radioastronomie.
Bien sûr, il peut s'agir d'un autre phénomène, il serait intéressant de rechercher dans les journaux de Londres s'il existe des articles concernant ces mystérieux signaux
  • Un des aspects de la personnalité de Rota
    En lisant ces quelques lignes, il est aisé de comprendre pourquoi Rota avait quelques difficultés avec ses pairs: affirmation spectaculaire, arrogance des propos, les autres chercheurs « peinant laborieusement » ou ayant des théories « ridicules », car seules les siennes reposent sur des preuves certaines..
  • L'évolution des idées de Rota
    Même en l'absence de détails, il semble clair que Rota suivait, au moins jusqu'à cette époque, l'évolution des connaissances scientifiques et qu'il n'avait pas encore élaboré sa théorie des Courants Universels ( théorie qui contredit sensiblement les propos de cette lettre) .

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The truth about the Mysterious Wireless Signals


Not alone the press but a large number of individual scientists are striving painstakingly and anxiously to explain the origin and source of the Mysterious signals intercepted in various wireless stations a week ago.

Seven years have passed since I began my researches into the problem of which these phenomena are outward signs, that is to say into the question of:

  • 1. The source of terrestrial magnetism
  • 2 The real nature and constitution of the true center or core of the Earth.
  • 3 The derivations of seismic phenomena
  • 4. The propagation of electric waves and everything that is wide field of research covers to-day.

It was while engaged in this study that I cam upon what I believe to be a discovery of the most scientific import one that may yet revolutionize the natural sciences especially in so far as they concern electricity or electric waves, and one which, in future war that may unhappily arise is destined to afford to the nation wise enough to exploit it to the full an insuperable means, either of offense or defense.

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Today in the midst of further studies and experiments which this discovery has imposed on me, I would be reluctant to break my habitual silence. But the recent occurrences, the ridiculous theories to which they have give rise are sufficient to enforce upon any honest student some public announcement of what he believes to be the simple and precise explanation of the “Mystery”.

Briefly my studies have led me to the discovery of 3 qualities of Telluric currents or Earth current never previously defined. To the honor of one who devoted his life to science it must be admitted that the late LORD KELVIN shortly before his death proclaimed the existence of an unknown Telluric Current, without however further specifying it. It is evident also, from NEWTON's letter to BENTLEY in 1651, that the discover of the law of Gravitation had some suspicion of a law of universal attraction.

These Telluric Currents differ as much in their direction, intensity and spheres of influence as they do in their specific nature. Their action is vast, their influence very powerful, and they are the principal causes of a quantity of phenomena explained today only by vague and absurd theories. Their influences is felt as much inside the earth as on its surface and also in the atmosphere, and they have this outstanding feature that while their intensity and action are extremely variable their directions is very precisely defined and hence their passage and effect can be predicted and controlled in advance.

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It can be shown, not by any theory but absolutely and practically that it is nothing more or less than these currents which are the cause of “mysterious Signals” which are quite likely to be repeated in a more striking manner in the future.

The Telluric Currents which have been the cause of the phenomena lately recorded have been making their influence felt in various direction an with varying intensity upon a plan that can be figured out by means of a tetrahedron giving a course of 300.000 miles and a height influence in atmosphere of 200.000 miles. They are likely to be felt soon with much greater intensity in the Pacific Ocean, N.E of Japan, and more directly in south America. The Electro-Magnetic waves to which they give rise have a far greater power of transmission than anything hitherto accomplished by them. Their intensity is extremely variable but it may be taken for granted the minimum distance at with they are likely to be felt from the point of origin is about 3000 miles.

In short the signals in question have an absolutely natural source, and now that the silence on the subject has been broken, I will be only too glad to furnish further details and unmistakable proofs of the assertion I have made. It is upon the phenomena whose existence has been discovered by this strange accident that the transmission of energy by a concentration wireless wages, destined in the future to solve so may problems of manufacture and transport will depend

I am, Sir, Yours faithfully

(signed) L.G.V. Rota