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Blocks used to power the Rota's lamps

A00013 BlockLampe.jpg A00019 BlockLamp.jpg A00020 BlockLamp.JPG
Block NPR Block SPR Block NPR on end

Description for the Construction of Lamps (by L.G.V Rota 8.9.1938)

  1. The dimensions of the lamps upon the designs is the natural size, I consider if the manufacturer keeps a standard size more than 3 or 4 mm that is of no importance as long as it is not smaller.
  2. All measurements are shown in millimetres.
  3. In all the lamps, the wire strips exceed 100mm as indicated in the design, a fact which is necessary for connecting them to their blocks.
  4. All the wires and strips must be supported or secured by means a fastening in pure glass D, then next by the base cup E of the lamp[assign through into pins F (see figure below insulated in glass. These pins are secured into ebonite or other neutral material, as is common in the making of lamps.
  5. All filaments must be the purest possible, and in filaments moulded in alloy on can maintain the ordinary proportions., only afterwards I must be informed of the specification of the alloy content of each metal.
  6. Of each kind of filament or strip used , there must be reserved for me a piece of each quality, may be 30cm of platinum and 40cms of each of the others.
  7. The diameter of the filaments or strips, and the size of the pastilles are given for each lamp in the explanation.
  8. For each wire is given its composition, and its position is indicated in the drawings
  9. a general recapitulation is made of the wire used, the number and quality for each lamp.
  10. All lamps must contain 2 gases Krypton and neon, in equal proportions at a pressure of 0.6 atmosphere.
  11. I wish to have :
    • (a) 3 lamps of the first lamp
    • (b) 3 lamps of the second
    • (c) 4 lamps of the third
    • (d) 5 lamps of the sixth D E F

A00021 lamp1.jpg

First Lamp

Powered by Block NPR

A 3 wires wire 1 Ag wire 1 Cu wire 1 Zn
B 3 wires Wire 2 Ag-Pb wire 2 Cd-Pb wire 2 Zn-Pb
C 3 wires Wire 3 Au-Cu wire 3 Au-Ag wire 3 Au-Cd All soldered to circle 3 or concentric to the first on inner circle A (Ag)
D 2 wires wire 4 Au-Cu-Ag wire 4 W platinum pastille soldered thereon
E 3 circular wires for A,B,C Ag Pt Ag
F Platinum pastille on the central wires soldered thereon
  • The diameter of the eleven vertical wires is 0.5 mm length > 100mm
  • The diameter of the horizontal wire is on circles A, B, C is between 0.35 and 0.4 mm.
  • The Platinum pastille soldered to the two wires 4 and 5 is 6mm diameter and 0.3 mm thick.
  • The wires 4 and 5 are insulated and independent of the other vertical and horizontal wires and at the center of the latter. If these two wires are needed to be secured, the must not touch beneath each frame the other wires vertical and horizontal.

Second Lamp

Powered by block SPR

G 3 wires Soldered to circle D Wire 4 AG Wire 5 cu Wire 6 AG
H 1 wire Single wire Pt
I 2 central wires Wire 2 Cu Wire 3 W
J 1 circular wire Au-Cu-Ag (alloy)
K 1 large pastille Soldered to wires 2 and 3

The 5 vertical wire diameter 0.5 mm

  • The single vertical wire in platinum perhaps 0.35-0.4mm
  • The circular wire , horizontal diameter 0.5 mm
  • The platinum pastille 0.3 mm thickness, 10mm diameter
  • Wire 2 and 3 are insulated and independent of the other wires, vertical and horizontal. If it is necessary to secure these two wires, they must not touch under each frame, the vertical and horizontal wires.

Third lamp

Also powered by block SPR

L 3 strips strip 1 Ag strip 2 Cu Strip3 Ag
M 1 wire circle Au-Cu-Ag
N 1 pastille Pt
  • The 3 strips breadth 4 mm thickness 0.35-0.4 mm
  • The wire circle A joined to the two Ag strips as shown in the diagram by means of a copper wire 0.5mm in diameter.
  • The strip 2 Cu is insulated and independent of the others Ag 1 and Ag 3 and the circle wire A. Also it carries platinum pastille N.
  • This platinum pastille measures 6 mm diameter and 0.3 mm thick.
  • If this strip Cu2 has to be secured it must not touch under any frame the other strips nor the horizontal wire \a.
  • In the above three lamps, the platinum pastille are at the centre of the wires horizontal and vertical as shown in the diagrams.

The fourth Lamp

A00022 lamp3.jpg

  • lamp 3 wire vertical Zn Fe Cu
  • Their diameter is 2.5 mm placed in parallel, the Fe is in the middle