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A Mike Watson experiment

The experience

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  1. Some ground produces nothing except 50Hz hum.
  2. To work without a cassette recorder, either the metal probe or a metal block connected in series with the probe needs activating. I do not know how to do this activation. Your father had a method which he kept secret. His portable block with the Roman numerals on was used as an amplifier.
  3. The current indicators in Louis Rota’s note book such as +9 IV 46 V+ etc. are reactions on the potable block. The IV is the number of the plug on the block box. 9 is probably the number of reactions heard in the headphone.
  4. The currents pulse in a rhythmic manner.
  5. Did Louis Rota use any electronic amplifiers? Probably not.
  6. The oscilloscope pictures above are taken from the cassette recordings. There is a background of 50 Hz which requires filtering out. It was probably for this reason that your father moved from Rouen to Genessieux