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This gives more detail than Dr Kresser’s article quoted above. Rota actually associates the current number with various bacteria etc but also the metals. The numbers are his and arbitrary, but since he uses these throughout and in other areas as well the relationship between metals and numbers is important.

I have translated this note a closely as I can because it gives a much more practical view about how Rota actually went about diagnosis. The attribution that many diseases were syphilitic in origin seemed to have been current between the wars and Rota seemed to have picked that idea up. He does not necessarily always mean an active physical “bug” but rather a sort of taint, historical, genetic(atavistic) in origin, which is present as a universal current.


A00087 1 NoteOnMedical.jpg

Dear Doctor and Friend,

I believe it well to respond here to some questions brought up at the time of our meeting with friend Lachouque, I have reserved necessary time to make a note more precise on this subject I make a point of making remarking immediately that I do not pretend to give you lessons ( one does not teach a cat how to climb) but for the present expose, I will have to quote you names of well known physicians, diseases, microbes knowing nevertheless very well that you understand these better than me.

You have told to me that when a physician is well experienced it will come by just looking at a sick person in his consulting room to know more or less what is suffering from.. I never see anything amazing like that, because for my part not being a physician but a simple physicist I base mine on more than twenty years of multiple observations and study, personal and practical.

I am not a person endowed with clairvoyance, unfortunately! That would be too simple… My work is much more complex, very much deeper than saying simply “at first sight that man is ill”. When I am myself depressed or ill this is very much more tiring but my examinations are by no means good for that; you will recall what state I was in when I made the diagnosis of Monsieur W.?

Not only my work and my revolutionary discoveries in current medical science, but I have proved that since Hypocrates, after the thesis of the humors, medicine has not advanced more than a little way and without discerning the existence of living matter. It is evident that biology opens up new ways in the pathology of many illnesses, but without, nevertheless, being able to discern the why and how of these living microbes and their specific qualities. It is rightly here that my discoveries come to the help of medicine, or better humanity which the pontiffs of the medical academies want or do not want the physicians of the future to have to commence their studies by way of physics, passing at length through chemistry and coming to the natural and universal currents which build the smallest and the biggest and direct everything in the universe.

When a sick person comes to your surgery in order to be examined by me, I ask him to tell me what his problem is, and after that simple statement, my method consists to look, verify check why he is ill, how the first symptoms of his illness manifests, how it has developed and how it has ended up, which the microbe(s) are in his body, how they live, how did they arrive, where is their center, how are they working, of what nature are they etc…

I group the microbes

  • a) Purely inorganic
  • b) Organic
  • c) Those that are mixed together

Example :

  • Trepomena pallidum, Hematozoaires, are inorganic
  • Koch, Gonococcus (Neisser) are organic
  • Staphylococcus, Streptococcus , Bacillus of Klebs or Diphtheria etc are some organic and inorganic.
A00087 2 NoteOnMedical.jpg

I could continue further for the bacillus of Bubonic Plague, the three bacillus of Nansen, Leprosy and all known bacilli belong to one of the three categories above noted.

Now knowing this and in the knowledge of the intrinsic constitution or reality of blood and of the constitution not solely anatomical but intrinsic in the nerves in all their known origin above all about the fibers of myelin of Leuwenhoeck etc. I have to recognize because of the restricted knowledge of physicians on the origin and the existence of reproduction in living material , they make the miracles for the struggle against the infinity of unknown and imponderable enemies (bacillus, microbes etc.) Only a very deep understanding of the derivation and the evolution of living matter are we able to fight on equal terms.

I have arrived now at my method based on the discovery of my universal currents, method with which nothing can pass undetected; there is no error possible. These currents control the infinitely big as well as the infinitely small. The 361 currents that we know are divided into three categories:

  • First group or category : 1 to 117 – 153
  • Second group or category : 117 to 216
  • Third group or category : 210 to 361
  • First group 
    That is connected directly with everything regarding the earth and planets.
    Second group
    That which control and unite with those of the first group to form between the two the movement of the whole solar system
    Third group
    That which acts in a very intense way on minerals, life and all beings and the ensemble (or coordination) of the universe.

In considering the specific qualities of each microbe or bacteria and of the category of currents to which they belong in consideration of the Being or living matter which I have to examine I conclude:

  • 1) If this being is healthy or sick
  • 2) If he has a microbe or bacillus
  • 3) If this microbe are developing or are latent, acquired or dated to the moment of conception or both.

A healthy being without any microbes corresponding to a current of the first category but having as base two currents of the second category in t.d.(?) constant are very rare.We have the microbes or bacillus:-

  • Inorganic currents 158 - 249
  • Organic currents 110 – 203
  • Combined currents 81 -147 – 217.

The inorganic trypanosomes have as base the current 231 – 3” – 9”

The Hematozaires inorganic have as base current 246 – 223 – 17”

And further the groups of such and such category of microbes.

The organic Koch microbe has as base 164 – 4” – 1” – 3”

The conocoque microbe has as base 151,- 8”, - 3”, - 19”

And further the group with all the derivations particulars and relatives of each microbe, Syphpilis for example has two microbes both of which are different and distinct.

A00087 3 NoteOnMedical.jpg

There are three species of hematozaires very different etc.

Relevant to diagnostic, I will make this remark:

Taking for example the case of an illness of unknown origin (for me, directly or indirectly syphilis), the practitioner in doubt will perform every analysis including a lumbar puncture, but sometimes all results are negative. Now, in my examination I am able immediately to understand the cause; it is that of atavism, I am even able to specify which side of the family; whether the illness is latent in the blood (because the blood and its current have their own appropriate reactions), I can discover equally the microbe, it also having its own appropriate current. Regarding this subject, I take note of a remark (which you undoubtedly know) of Professor Fournier, on the harmful effects of syphilis. “For me, he said, I hold it for certain that independent of the illnesses incontestably specific in origin and of a syphilitic nature, it is undoubtedly responsible for a number of morbid manifestations, which are not of a syphilitic nature but are none the less syphilitic in origin, and in this sense they are under its influence, since it seems likely that they will not occur without it”.

Prof. Fornier; Les effections parasyphilitiques. 1894.

All this is absolutely true, and I have been able to verify and prove it in large numbers of my examinations. In the same manner there are about twenty or so illnesses badly understood but whose root is syphilis. It is similar in malaria by the base current and the appropriate reaction for hematozoaires, I can verify immediately on examination its origin, its development, and if the development is latent, and this thanks to its own current from which I have been able to determine the nature and the diverse characteristic of malaria and its transmission through conception. After all these notes, I believe you will comprehend better why the current of the place is of capital importance in conception and how it is explained that in a family of five children three can be syphilitic by atavism and the other two can be absolutely healthy. The examination of a subject allows me to check all that has happened to him and all that will come to him.

I continue

  • 1) I examine and verify the organic and inorganic balance of the person and after that one knows directly his deficiencies.
  • 2) One has knowledge of the reactions of each part of an anatomical organ.
  • 3) One knows the location of the microbes in the body, their development , action and Toxicity according to their different types.
  • 4) The illness itself if is recent or at the time of conception, heredity etc.

Knowing which of each thing, illnesses, microbes etc are connected directly to numerous currents. It remains to determine what are the actions and reactions they produce, that is to say which current has to be put in play in order to obtain the compensation capable of arresting the development of the illness and ameliorate or better cure it.

Example Malle N.. Diagnostic positive: syphilis, alcoholism, tuberculosis , all three being atavistic in origin . The first two from the father and the third from the mother. I have to arrest the first, ameliorate the state in general, suppress the combined action of the three which give a toxin due to the different microbes. Syphilis , current 231 I put against the currents 168-189 Chrome [metal]. Koch current 164 I put in reaction with currents 150 163, Silicon and so on. Next I balance the working of the two with the block of Cu [copper], Zn[zinc], Fe[iron], Sn[tin] Pb[lead], that is to say with the appropriate currents of these metals.

A00087 4 NoteOnMedical.jpg

With the mattress, [the special mattresses had springs made of different metals and alloys] we obtained the following results.

  • 1) After 10 days the pain started to diminish
  • 2) After 25 days the pain disappeared completely, the hip is less inflamed and the general state of health has improved.
  • 3) After 5 month she was walking without any difficulty.

With the block connected to the mattress

The general health is completely restored, all the problems have disappeared and maintained after 18 months of treatment despite being 47 years old. This person is capable of working without fatigue each day for 6 hours from 10 am to 11 pm at night. I have to say that this illness has been observed scrupulously all my directions during the course of the treatment.

My dear friends, today I cannot expand further on this vast subject; I believe that you have already there what to reflect and of how to respond on the multiple questions of your fellow-members. Excuse me if I have not explained to you as clearly as I thought. But you have M. Lachouque to open the door where you find it closed, because until now he is the only one to have followed and understood the work of

Your devoted friend


P.S In addition to this document here are some BASE CURRENTS of different metals

Current of the base Metal D
1 333 Pt 21,5
2 324 Au 19,32
3 301 W 19,3
4 289 Hg 13,26 -15
5 279 Pb 11,37
6 281 Ag 10,05
7 203 Bi 9,80
8 252 Cu 8,39
9 261 Sn 7,29
10 189 Cr 7,1
11 270 Zn 1,1
12 171 As 5,73
13 163 Si 2,3
14 162 Mg 1,74
15 159 Ca 1,55