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Dr Michael Watson
I became interested in the research of L.G.V. Rota after reading an article on his work in a long defunct popular fringe science journal called the Modern Mystic and Monthly Science Review.. (see My Interest).
Daniel Rota
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Recent Questions

From Sean, Aug 11, 2006: Informations on the specific currents attributed to each Metals


Hello Michael

I was struck by rota analasis of metals as composites of a number of different curents, and the statment that some metals are made from others.

I have been studying alchemy in some detail, and the few who wrote about alchemy who actually practiced talk about reducing metals to a few basic substances some which are specific to that metal, some common throught the metals. the process is the same and the sustances produced are largely agreed upon.

I would be interested in seeing if there is any correlation between rotas analyasis of the universal currents and the purified substances that alchemists talk about. Do you have any more information on the specific currents atributed to specific metals?

Any help would be gratfully recieved.


Rota's universal current seems to be the same energy as is used in mineral and metallic alchemy. The modern alchemist, Jean Dubuis says (Volume 4 page 1, Mineral Alchemy) " ......As for the vital energies at play in the mineral or metallic experiments, they are much more potent. The body of man is not at all or very little accustomed to these energies which only manifest on earth in the telluric currents".

Regarding the universal currents, Rota detected 361 ot them up to the time of his death, all we know is the number of constituent currents of one or two metals, for example, copper is made from four specific currents. Like the alchemists' universal solvent the metals were apparently dissolved by the universal current into their component universal currents all the atoms electrons, protons, neutrons etc dissappear, this is analogous to salt dissolved in water, except in the latter case the atoms remain intact. The physical energy has not gone anywhere, it is in solution, take the universal current away and the metal reappears. You can see an analogous idea also in common electrolysis, except in the case of the universal current the metal is totally dissolved atoms and all.

Rota's discovery that the universal currents are active in the human body and are a part of the life process if not the main part seems to me to indicate their negative entropic nature, because the building of order from disorder is the mark of the life process.

Mike Watson

from Jeff May 2006: The work of Nathan Stubblefield


Congratulations to Mike Watson for this fascinating compilation on the work of Rota. This sounds quite similar to the work of Nathan Stubblefield, in regards to his "electrolytic cell". There is a great writeup about it on John Bedini's page, and I have been attempting to replicate the cell myself, which, in fact is not really electrolytic in nature given the supposed power output, which Stubblefield insisted was produced by telluric currents. It was stated by that during periods of increased geomagnetic activities that telephonic operators heard these notes, and were also described as birds through their recievers. This page sheds alot of light on what Stubblefield may have been onto pre-Tesla. Great job.

Response from Mike Watson

Rota's Blocks were completely sealed. When I dug up one of his blocks in 1959, I dismantled it to find out how it was constructed. It was covered in many layers of heavily varnished cloth transformer tape. It was so well sealed that when I stripped off the tape I could still smell the spirit solvent used for the varnish, the block had by that time been buried some 25 years. All the metallic laminations were shiny, as new, without any sign of corrosion. The blocks were clearly field sensors, no conduction current being involved. If this field is earth born VLF electromagnetic waves then following from Rota, electromagnetism must be composed of components which he called universal currents. When we detect EM waves with a receiver we are actually detecting the energy they contain. The receiver does not care about how the energy gets there so to modern technology all universal currents are indistinguishable from common VLF EM fields. It seems that Rota found that metals are able gradually to detect these individual components which results in the metal becoming activated, "awakening its latent energy". This results in the metal selectively amplifying components of the incident EM field.

Stubblefield seems to have found the same.

Comments from Jeff

Tesla often said that electricity was composed of different "elements", so I agree with the major points of Rotas' Universal Current theory. I also believe that much of Tesla's work is misunderstood. Tesla said the most important aspect of his magnifying transmitter was the grounding, something to the effect that they excavated and laid an immense grounding structure before the foundation for the tower was poured. I wish I could provide a link, but I forgot where I read that. Your comment touched precisely on a question I've been considering. The distinctions and relationships of the Earth's EM field to ground induced currents (GIC's), telluric currents, the ionosphere, magnetopause, and ELF/VLF/ULF waves are not clearly documented....."Aetheric" physics had a "unified field theory" of sorts relating magnetism and electricity (gravity), based partially on Maxwells' original quaternion equations at the turn of the century. There are many "holes" in electrical engineering and physics to be probed (such as grounding/bonding lol!), but is there evidence in contemporary geoelectrical/magnetic research that can point us in a direction to understanding exactly what Rota was doing other than earthquake early detection and basic LF EM waves I wonder? I found the work of Stubblefield first, which is not nearly as extensive, or as well documented as Rotas' here. I had initially wondered if Stubblefield was mistaken about the nature of the telluric currents he was tapping into, and that perhaps the effect was produced by EM coupling/induction. My initial batteries I made of vinyl coated wire, instead of cloth covered, thereby eliminating any galvanic or thermocoupling effects. After finally finding enough cloth covered wire to make some as-per the patent, my results were almost interesting, and inconclusive. The work of Rota has now raised some interesting questions to me about how Stubblefield was able to produce these "instant" voltages, enough to power his communication equipment, arc lamps, or small motors, obviously the source was not purely telluric in nature. I'm also curious what effects geography, altitude, and soil composition have on the currents. I myself live up in the Colorado Springs area at a very high altitude. The lightning here is amazing, but the soil is very dry decomposed granite "gravel", the countryside is peppered with gold and quartz mines. Quartz and gold both have natural properties I assume I need not mention..............This work of LGV Rotas' also passes fairly close to Henry Morays'. Fascinating. The "Cage à Moineau" and "transducteur" devices need to be replicated for a better understanding. I whole-heartedly support replication and further studies of Rotas' work, this man was obviously far ahead of his time. Even in "free energy" circles I had never heard of his work; I really feel he was on to something.