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By Dr Kressler - Transaled by Dr Watson

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(Much of the first part reiterates information already been discussed here but it is included in order to give another perspective. Later Dr. Kresser discusses the medical aspect)
    Dr. Kresser at work using Rota’s diagnostic method, note the stop watch and multi-metallic rod in patients left hand. Another rod is seen lying on the table.  


It is not up to me to either confirm or deny the scientific theories of M. Rota. They are moreover, in so far as I can understand them of such an extended nature and of such a complexity, that, except can be for scientists versed in the physical sciences and mathematics they could be checked only by practical experiment. It is on this ground that I placed M.Rota, when, via a mutual friend, I had good fortune to make his acquaintance and to speak with him about the possibilities of applying his discoveries to human pathology.

I thus have presented to him, at my Surgery a number of known tuberculous patients, for him to examine according to his personal method, in my presence and without any interrogation except that of date and place of birth of the subject and his parents, necessary, as one will see it in this note, for the orientation of his diagnosis. For each one of these patients, M.Rota has very exactly defined the pulmonary localization or extra pulmonary location of the tuberculosis and regarding the pulmonary tuberculosis, the infected side, the extent of the lesion, latent indications; chronic or sub-acute of their development. One of them besides, instantaneously showed the coexistence of a recent syphilitic infection which was verified by me with the aid of a serological examination.

As a result of those first tests, which were very interesting, I had the occasion to have M Rota in my consulting room examine my private clients which had various other illnesses.

In these very different cases (gastro-intestinal infection, vascular, chronic rheumatism, neuropathic states) the results of these examinations were equally conclusive, and without any questions M. Rota very rapidly determined the trouble and cause, stating the organs affected, sometimes indicating the date of the start of the illness, not to mention other revelations more surprising on the illness history of the subjects their genital activity (in the case of women) and certain of their psychological tendencies. I have never been able to bring such a therapeutic assessment as his method was able to give. I restricted myself to advise him to limit himself, in his tests on this subject and to go for general symptoms such as tiredness, nervous excitation insomnia given that changes will be easy to verify.

Anyway, the result of numerous conversations I have had with M. Rota and the discussion of the facts; the comparison of medical phenomena and physical phenomena observed by him in the course of his studies on the Universal Currents, these latter merit being pursued in the sense of their biological applications.


Dr. H. Kresser,March 1939


Before I start, much of this talk will present passages which are difficult and abstract. Allow me therefore to read you to read a sonnet.

(The sonnet is irrelevant here so it is left out also the following paragraph about the poet’s intuition)

After following this matter for some months, a senior officer of the Navy, very current with scientific and medical matters and the head of a most important engineering department, concluded “You are forty years in advance of modern physics”.

Also you will not be astonished if I come this evening to bring you some surprising facts, that speak of natural forces which are, up to now, unknown, and to propose that medicine, whatever progress we have achieved in fifty years, bases itself on these new and methods, and since in addition some of my eminent colleagues agreed to answer our invitation, I request them earnestly not to baulk at the unknown and innovative facts and theories, but listen without preconceived ideas, because I affirm myself ready to submit to their tests and to their discussion all that I will expose here in. It seems essential first of all, to present the circumstances which lead me to take an interest in this work.

M.Rota was born in Italy, in Piemont; his forbears originating in Savoy and in Corsica, one of them lost an arm at Austerlitz. After having frequented various private schools, he continued scientific studies under the direction of the great savant Secchi.

From adolescence M. Rota showed, in the natural and mathematical sciences, an out of the ordinary intelligence as shown by his embarrassing questions and deductions put to his professors. Animated by a surplus of drive and scientific curiosity, he was not content to just assimilate knowledge of contemporary science, but already, by his original studies he was seeking to augmenting and outstrip. Towards 1910, using the known laws of science, he commenced research into the so called telluric currents. He thought initially that this latter were of a magnetic nature and he conducted, in consequence, his first experiments and research on the concentration of electromagnetic waves of long wavelength using the earth as a collecting agent.

As a result he designed and constructed in his laboratory at Marseilles in 1914, 1915 an electromagnetic “stabilisateur” on a small scale, with which he made his first tests in open air; experiments that gave results that surpassed his expectation.(These are related in Le Matin, September 15th 1915). But he had not foreseen that after he had lightly touched the apparatus he was thrown brutally to earth where he remained unconscious for 50 minutes….

The next half page digresses into how great scientists such as Galvani, Papin, Pasteur and Galileo attached significance to small events to yield advances in knowledge. This is of no interest here and has been left out

Furthermore, since the young Rota utilized for his stabilisiteur a source of electricity of very low intensity he asked how such a minimal force had been magnified into a force capable of giving him such a shock.

Having eliminated a certain number of hypotheses, he was forced to the view that there existed at the moment of the experiment an unknown natural force of very high power that had multiplied the intensity of the electrical energy employed.

It required years of perseverant research to identify the force, the mysterious “x” in the equation. It would need more time than we have at our disposal to describe the stages which lead M. Rota to discover the existence of the 361 currents which he described as Universal.

It is sufficient, moreover, to visit the facility at Mont-Saint-Aignan in Seine-Inferieure where M. Rota has installed his geophysical and geodynamic centre which cost millions and years of work to realise what considerable work he has done. Strange and voluminous multi-metallic blocks are buried at great depth in the soil and from which lead hundreds of cables. These are connected together to form some nine kilometers of aerial and subterranean cables. These cables end up in concrete sheds or “block-houses” where delicate apparatus allows them to be interconnected in an infinity of combinations. In the central building where all the cable end up a large apparatus, entirely designed and constructed by M. Rota [Universal Current Direction Finder or Cage à Moineaux Fig. 5] , allows him to control the universal currents, to disclose their characteristic and to show their direction, origin, qualities and to study their properties.

What are the Universal Currents

According to M. Rota they are constant in their direction, but variable in their intensity and density, depending on the time and place. They are at the origin of worlds, assuring the mechanism of the universe and dispensers of life and death.

The characteristic of a current at a given époque and in a given place are reproduced with a frequency which it has been possible to determine. The laws which govern them are in effect immutable.

The Universal Currents create, maintain, modify, remove organic and inorganic life on the earth. The variations of intensity and density which occur are the causes of the actions and reactions which operate the one upon the other according to the place and époque. They give rise to phenomena which can be verified without being able always to explain them.

But, you may say, M. Rota up to now is the only person cognisant of the existence of these currents, how is it that no one else has ever seen them?

Permit me to say to you that in nature there may well be other unknown forces. There are effects, as with these universal currents, where an event occurs which does not seem to have a known cause. This has been noticed by certain Savants and certain researchers such as Gustave Le Bon, whom I had the honour to attend in the latter years of his life. I recall his prophetic views now that I have been able to confront them with the discoveries of M. Rota.

There are other forces with complicated laws that we have harnessed and utilize each day in various diverse forms without knowing what they are, magnetism, radio waves, x-rays etc.. To stick to most frequently employed force electricity, one knows it only by the defined phenomena which it causes and by its uses. If you pass a magnet over a piece of iron it becomes magnetized, why? What are electricity and electromagnetism? fluids, gas vibrations? I would be very astonished if somebody among you could answer that question.

And yet these force exist about us in nature, we are reduced to producing them artificially with great supplies of steam, petrol motors, water wheels and excessively complicated machinery: dynamos, transformers, intermediaries without doubt useless, and also, is it not true, at great expense. Nevertheless in a dynamo there is iron and copper, and the electrical conductor is copper or other metal, what then? These are question M. Rota can answer.

But we will here open up the mass of discoveries made by this inventor.

The universal currents conditioning the movement of worlds, they affect the earth and we must be grateful for without them we would go into the infinite. When there is a lack of accord between them we feel annoying effects; tidal waves, earthquakes and even stranger the appearance of social disturbance. This brings to mind a conversation had between M. Rota, Commandant Lachouque and myself, the first time that the latter took me to Mont-Saint-Aignan.

“ We enter, said he, a period from 1936 to 1946 where certain currents in certain places and at certain dates will produce strange effects. For example, I am able, to indicate that there will be the reappearance of events where suddenly an individual considered up to that point normal will massacre anyone using the first instrument of death which is at hand”.

Do not the daily statements in the press show how prophetic these words were? And, regarding this, I recently read about a revolt among young people detainees at the penitentiary of Aniane in which the guards were astonished that this mutiny had occurred in January because generally negative events explode at the time of the equinox .

It is true that the equinoxes are the period where M. Rota passes his days and nights leaning over his apparatus because certain universal currents at that time reach formidable intensities. Are there not equinoxial tides? It is well verified, that this was exactly the time of his initial experiment at Marseilles, that caused him to be knocked out several times. But I have to ask your indulgence with this devil of a man and his ideas, one is constantly dragged along despite oneself in many different directions.

I will voluntarily leave it others more qualified than myself that may care to expose the principles of other applications of his discoveries regarding the Universal energy rather than the results obtained. We have heard already of a motor that would replace our old and very expensive motors; why wireless and television suffer from atmospherics and how these could be radically suppressed; how it would be possible to prevent aircraft crashes; how one can discover now and without possible errors deposits of the ores of metals and oil at a great distance. It will be possible to realise many application of great interest, at this time, and above all to produce evidence to convince the most Cartesian among you.

Universal Currents and life

For now, I will limit myself to the role that, according to M.Rota, the universal currents play in the domain of life and animated beings, man in particular and how we can apply what we know in the study of illnesses and their treatment.

Given what is known of the universal currents it is tempting to study what influence they have on human life and it is no exaggeration to say that the consequences are immense in particular in connection with conception.

For M. Rota conception (not the birth) is due both to physical and chemical phenomenon, and the existence of these two phenomena are conditioned by the natural currents.

All formation or conception in the realm of the animal is a function of the simultaneous action of three currents: that of the male, that of the female and that of the place where conception takes place. The current of each of the parents called A for the male, B for the female is that which has the greatest intensity compared with all the other currents in the place and at the moment when each one was conceived. It is the dominant current which overrides all the others.

The current of the place C is that which exceeds in intensity all the others in the precise place and at the moment when the junction of the generators (sperm and egg) occurs.

If the intensity of A, B and C are equal at that moment of the act of reproduction, the chemical phenomena constituted by the union of the male sperm and female egg is able to occur. The first nucleus of segmentation is made, that is the first cell of new living being.

But if for example the density of A is greater than the density of B, there will be no conjoined action between the three forces but action of A on B and reaction of B on A, the phenomenon of life is blocked; there is no life.

The chemical phenomena, which are more particularly due to the effects of currents A and B have an effect on the organic and inorganic parts of the embryonic cell. The physical phenomena which allow chemical phenomena to be realised are under the intercellular influence of electricity, magnetism, heat and gravitation (cohesion) and is more especially conditioned by the current of the place C.

The living cell develops and dies under the influence of current C and one can detect this in practice; if C reacts on a living being (and one can clearly perceive these reactions) on a cadaver there are no reactions. Finally it is (apart from what the being gets from his father and mother) the current of the place at the moment of conception, which not only permits the latter , but also will have an influence on his /her development, normal or abnormal throughout his whole life.

In other terms, if the place and moment of conception are known, his/her characteristic current is known, that is to say that current on which his/her life and in consequence his/her health, physical and moral, will depend.

Furthermore if the place and time of conception of his/her mother and father are known, it is possible to determine the characteristic current of both of them and then determine the action of these currents on the characteristic current of their son/daughter, that is to say the atavistic influence of the currents.

I will remark in passing the light thrown by these theories on our confused knowledge regarding heredity and atavism, and consequently it illustrates another consequence no less important of the discoveries of M. Rota.

Knowing therefore the proper current of the person and its influences, and the favorable or unfavorable affect of atavistic influences, it is possible, at any instant of his life to check the variations of these currents and find out whether his/her health is normal or abnormal.

In effect, given the chemical and physical constitution of any organ (heart, lungs, stomach etc.) one can verify that when the organ is in a healthy state it reacts, for a given place of conception, on the current of the individual that posses it in a specific way.

M. Rota verified by experience that a healthy organ O reacts N times on its own current, and that the number of reactions, perfectly audible in a headphone (earpiece) is determined by the physical and chemical constitution of that organ.

In consequence with the aide of special apparatus one registers a certain number of reactions N’ different from N one can conclude mathematically that the organ O is sick. This experimental verification is the basis of the examination which M. Rota calls mathematical (and to which I would like better to call Cosmo-Dynamism). Given that the method works and I have in great part verified the cases exactly that I submitted to him.

Now is the time to leave abstraction and make a tour of the facts. It is almost four years that through the intermediary of a common friend, Commandant Lachouque, I became acquainted with M. Rota and he described to me these medical theories:-

“Your ideas. I said to him are, a priori, very strange. They run up against, in more than one point all that was taught me and all that I learned in thirty years of medical practice. But as I fully aware, and with me of the majority of sincere doctors, it is that I do not know everything. I am inclined to believe you on condition that that we place ourselves on the only ground where I can discuss with you check you regarding the method.

Come with me to the Red Cross hospital where I direct the anti-tuberculosis clinic. I will give you a number of ill people to examine. If with the aid of your method you give me their precise state which tallies with the diagnosis which I have myself have established using radiological examination and the various laboratory tests, then I will be convinced.”

M. Rota accepted my invitation, but before going into it further I will give you an idea of the way in which he works.

He method as I have mentioned previously,

  1. The subject under examination’s own current and those of his parents are determined, as you will recall that these currents are determined by the place of conception and the current of each of parents. (The birth place has no significance)
  2. The number of reactions operated by certain natural currents which traverse his organs on the current of the place,
  3. The characteristic of each one of these currents.

These conditions being realised, he uses a certain number of apparatus which are made each of many metals which are needed for precision.

For M. Rota the universal currents assure the organic and inorganic life on the earth and certain of them are at the origin of all crystallization terrestrial or universal.

This has allowed him to determine how at the birth of our planet each one of the elements has been formed by the conjoined action of certain conditions and numerous currents, which enclose in consequence a quantity of energy due to action of those currents which have contributed to the elements formation.

In reuniting therefore particles of different metals and then submitting them to an appropriate treatment (which is rendered possible by his installation at Mont-Saint-Aignan) it is possible to awaken to some extent this latent energy in the metal.

Take for example a piece of copper. The copper is formed by the conjugate action of four currents C,D,E,F. If the energy contained in the piece of copper is awaked or revealed the natural currents C,D,E,F which traverse the piece of copper can be subjected to the action of other currents with which they are put in contact.

If the observer examines a subject, given that the current of the subject and his two parents are known, the observer puts the left hand of the subject in contact with say a block of copper in which the currents are awakened the observer can hear with aid of headphones connected by a conductor to an appropriate detector, the number, rhythm, the timbre and the intensity of these reactions furnished by the organs of the subject being explored on the current of the subject and on those of the block of copper.

In practice, the apparatus are multi-metallic. The operator has at his disposal a great number of currents and utilizes a sort of keyboard according to the part of the subject being explored.

The note, the number, and the particulars of the reactions are transmitted by the headphone. Having available a veritable gamut of metals, the procedure is to use the very numerous combinations to show the reactions of the different organs of the subject.

As he knows the characteristic normal reactions of the organs, it is easy for him by simple listening to find those of them which show a pathological alteration, also the degree more or less of the alteration. The study of the currents connected with the parents determined in advance, allows him to define further, if it is needed, the atavistic origin of any organic defects.

If the operator experiments, he can foresee other things besides, whether the illness will evolve rapidly or slowly up to the terminal point of the illness and similarly to specify the time it will take for its evolution to occur. That is thanks to the profound knowledge of the different characteristics of the different currents.

Let us return now to these concrete facts which may give you some rest from theory and also I hope enlighten you; because M. Rota and his apparatus, operative according to principles' which I have just tried to explain to you, and with the patients that I presented him with, gave me a clear demonstration of the cogency of his method. Not only without error on tuberculosis subjects, indicating the infected lung but furthermore the site of the lesion, said whether the latter was latent or active and even more remarkably the existence of a specific evolving illness in a young women that presented no symptoms, the existence of maculo-papules on the breast which he had not been able to see since the person was clothed, as in the case with all the other patients, and where I needed myself an examination of blood to ascertain with certainty the existence of this infection. Is this not an extraordinary result?

M. Rota does not play at medicine. He deliberately avails himself of all that constitutes the elements of medical diagnosis: Questioning, examination palpation, percussion, auscultation, use of the laboratory. The process of physico-chemical examination is absolutely original, and, you may ask how a medical method which deprived of the usual means of investigation could be capable of giving the sort of precision that he clearly brought to me.

He thus acted for me from these first contacts, with a rigorously scientific method, and the results of the first tests have been followed by others regarding illnesses that we have examined together for many years. But, it has to be said that this method only has value when applied by M. Rota. It has taken him many years to educate his ear to recognize the timbre, intensity of the 361 currents that he has identified, using a chronometer to note their delicate variations. If doctors desired to assimilate his methods, it would take them ten or twenty years to acquire enough virtuosity to get practical results.

This objection has not escaped either M. Rota or myself, and the transformation of the auditory method to a graphical method or some even simpler method will be studied with the hope of arriving at its realization. It is useless to insist besides on its possibilities which are evident. The interpretation furnished by such examination could be facilitated by the construction of a table put at the disposal of doctors, in order to avoid the complicated calculations and do as well as the inventor of this method.

I have arrived now at a more enthralling side to the discoveries that we summarize. I would like to mention the connection between the geographic orientation of life, racial origin and the treatment of certain illnesses. You already know that according to M. Rota a living being is placed under the “sign” of universal current which at the time and place of conception has the greatest density and intensity than all the other currents.

This is the current which gives the being life and which influences, for good or bad, the being for the duration of its life and contains the power for good or ill on its development. This action of the current of the individual is added to you, will remember, the currents of the two parents determined by the same factors.

In the course of life the influence of the currents or better, the result of these currents could somewhere be modified for good or bad by the influence of other currents from the place where the individual lives, attaining at certain times a preponderant density and intensity.

I must explain because this notion is of major importance:

Here is an infant which is born in Paris. His current, that which at his conception was dominant renders him susceptible to tuberculosis ( I remark in passing that our current medical knowledge is pretty vague on the factors regarding susceptibility). On the other hand the current of mother and that of the infant atavistically reinforce this tendency. If the infant continues to live in Paris the two influences combine and at some later time will undoubtedly lead to illness.

But if the infant is moved to a certain point in Savoy for example where the action of a predetermined current acts to counter balance and dominate the effects of the infant’s own current and that of the mother it will escape the fatal effects of the malady.

Very well, if (assuming the facts of the current of the mother are known) the conception of the infant occurs at a place and at a moment determined in advance under the influence of a favorable current, the menace of tuberculosis would no longer exist for him.

From these simple examples, which I hope are clear to you, as far as their innovation goes, it is not difficult to see facts which could be of enormous importance, arising out of the discoveries of M. Rota. It is evident, that with simple knowledge of the parents’ currents, that it would be possible to determine the place and time of conception which would be favorable which would assure the health the infant and of its descendents.

Then follows opinions about various medical matters not connected with Rota and of no importance here]

One has to admit that in the light of theories just exposed on the universal current, there is a current of rain or more exactly of precipitation and of cold and heat, all simple degradations of the natural energy. Furthermore, other meteorological phenomena are simple effects of the interactions of the universal current we do not see, that they act constantly and at the same time the perturbations which have a cosmic cause, also have their influence on human and animal life. It is therefore necessary to look for a favorable universal current.

At this point Dr. Kresser recounts how Rota successfully cured him of an acute form arthritis, by using a special mattress in which the metal springs were treated, but this does not further our knowledge of Rota’s methods other than what has already been described

End of Dr. Kresser’s article

Diagnostic sheet

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