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Welcome to Wikirota !    Edit
LGV Rota in the fields
This site is dedicated to the work of Louis Rota (1886-1951) a pioneer in the development of the radar who devoted his life to the study of energy fields which he named "The Universal Currents". He built intriguing apparatus and developed his own code to reference these currents. Louis Rota was very secretive about his work and published very little. When he died, a great deal, but not all of his knowledge was lost. Here is a resume of what has been found from his notes, some of which is quite far reaching.

Did Rota make a fundamental discovery? Can we reproduce his experiments? Can we crack the Rota's code ? This Wiki aims not only to open a debate for answering objectively to these questions, but to also to collect new clues that could help to decipher the Rota's Code.

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The Work of Louis Rota    Edit
A00010 AeroRadioBalistique.jpg A00011 CageMoineau.jpg A00014 Diagnostic.jpg
The Areo Radoa Balistique The U.D.D.F Medical Applications
These pictures illustrate three major aspects of Louis Rota Researches. One year after the construction of his "Aero Radio Balistique", Louis Rota became the first foreigner to be accepted in the very secret English Army team working on the creation of mine detector and the early Radar. Six years later, he returns in France convinced that he has discovered something more fundamental than some electro-magnetic telluric currents. He designed then his Universal Current Disturbance Direction Finder to study these currents. This machine was the center of a huge aerial and underground antenna . He extended also his investigation to the Medical Applications medical realm.

Discover the amazing Work of Louis Rota, an introduction to Louis Rota's world by Mike Watson

The Rota's effect   Edit

Rota did not use any electronic equipment, only a stop watch and a hight impedance headset connected to a ground or/and aerial antenna network.

What we call the Rota's effect is not the well known background noise, neither the usual clicks produced when connecting / disconnecting the headset to an antenna: it is the fact that under certain condition, the clicks occur when then should not

Check by yourself !

The Universal Currents   Edit

A00028 Iron.jpg A00024 Zing.jpg A00025 Cuivre.jpg A00026 Silver.jpg A00027 Carbon.jpg
Iron Zing Copper Silver Carbon

LGV Rota claimed that the atmospherics or statics in radio sets was due to the metals of the radio set and antennae responding to the "Universal Currents". Using a tape recorder and an oscilloscope, Mike Watson was able to compare the effects of the atmospheric electromagnetic signals on several metals. Are these variation nothing but a random phenomena totally explicable with with physical properties of the metal?

The Passive Radar   Edit

The detectors built by LGV Rota could be classified as “passive Radar” because they were able to detect object without sending any signal. But Rota is not the only one to have worked on such concept. In 1939, a passive aircraft detector built by two scientists, J.Cecil Maby and T. Bedford Franklin, was tested with some success by the British Government.

These two scientists published their work and their experiments are fully documented. Can this throw light on some Rota’s claims? Discover the remarkable research work of Cecil Maby and Bedford Franklin
The debate   Edit

A Researcher Misleading or Inspired?

LGV Rota was apparently a respected scientific (Rota and the Death Penalty). The theory of Universal Current is apparently original, but we don't know how LGV Rota managed to build this new concept. LGV Rota did avoid to tell too much, more exactly to tell much useful hints. Nevertheless he received support from both English and French governments and refused in 1940 a German offer. Can he really fool everybody for so many years? We have very few documents related to the military work of Louis Rota. If you have access to military archives, please contact us and join the investigation team!

Is the Rota Effect related to other theories ?

  • The Zenneck surface wave
    Along with others, around 1906 J. Zenneck was attempting to explain how radio transmission could curveround the earth as was shown by Marconi’s early radio transmissions across the Atlantic. Various theories where around at the time one of which was Zenneck’s surface wave. The Zenneck surface wave is an electromagnetic wave which is conducted in the earth and along the earth-air boundary. It is not the same as the common radio frequency ground wave produced by the usual antenna configurations...(More..)
  • Maxwell's equations and Universal Currents
    The Maxwell's equations lead to the prediction of electromagnetic waves in a vacuum, which are transverse (in that the electric fields and magnetic fields vary perpendicularly to the direction of propagation)However, in a plasma or a confined space, there can exist waves which are either longitudinal or transverse, or a mixture of both. Rota' universal current propagates in a conductive medium such as salt water and the earth which for these puposes is a plasma. For this reason the universal current is most likely a largely magnetic longitudinal wave which can only exist in water or the earth. This would also explain how Rota's patented "Means of detecting Explosive Mines.." (LGV Rota Patents) in which the field produced by a paramagetic body entering the field of a telluric current produces a shock or turbulence detectable by his apparatus. It would seem reasonable to assume that a ship, interacting with the very low frequency mostly magnetic telluric current field, would have circulating currents induced in its hull and these would be detectable at a distance with a compass needle.
Table of Contents   Edit
Louis Rota Time Line    -    GoogleMap of Rota's Workplaces
1: The Universal Currents
2: The Inventions
3: The Rota Files
Pictures of the original Documents
4: Photo album
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6: The Universal Currents versus other Theories: