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Layman wrote three articles about Rota’s work. Having seen Rota’s own notes, I can confirm that Layman’s articles paint a fair picture of Rota’s claims and though general are not exaggerated. These articles, which originally spanned several issues of the Modern Mystic and Monthly Science Revue, are condensed into one.


As Dr. Kresser once remarked: “It is the fecundity of a discovery that is the measure of its importance to mankind”. Anyone with eyes to see and a brain to think must realise that “Les Courant Universels” if they mean life and death to mortal man must affect everything in nature and more than that. For if man is the acme of creation so must all physical phenomena passive and active respond to if not result from the variable activities of these creative currents. What are they? From whence do they originate? The writer a mere layman can offer nothing in reply to these questions beyond recounting some oracular remarks made by Rota over a long series of years and of a few episodes in his long acquaintanceship which may not only be interesting but might help the minds of the more instructed to some definite conclusions.

During the last war (WW1) , L.G.V.Rota had had small laboratories in Marseilles and later in Paris: He was a protégé in those days of an Italian gentleman, an Allied official of prominence who was aware of Rota’s antecedents. At Marseilles in the late summer of 1915 Rota gave a demonstration of a metallic body, floating in the air. This was the “stablisiteur “ to which Dr. Kresser referred; it had very small canvas wings like an aeroplane, otherwise it was purely metal. The wings were added to deceive all except his friends and did not contribute to buoyancy or stability.

An account of this exhibition was given in Le Figaro of 15th September, 1915. The writer’s copy was “ annexed,”( but see page 54 below) so those interested might make it their business to look this up, Presumably old French newspaper files exist in some French library in London’? The Italian gentleman died and his widow, an English lady, was unable to continue to finance Rota indefinitely. Then his troubles began. His in laboratory in Paris, during the war of 1914-18, was invaded and was broken up by persons who apparently wanted his “ secret” Rota himself suffering injury. He was then invited to London by some British naval men. Thereafter, he worked for a while for the Admiralty at Teddington, being engaged primarily and supposedly on the “Concentration of Rays,” the idea being the exploding of enemy ammunition dumps (at a distance), Needless to say, he was not successful. He had at this time no installation in France such as he had created by 1939, and was working’ on a false premise regarding these currents. However, it is a fact that the relatively crude submarine detector developed during 1915-17 in the last war was based on Rota’s ideas and conception and that Britain started the recent war in 1939 with a detector; which though vastly superior, was a logical development of this. The basic principle was just that of Radar, that is; echo1. Rota was never given any public credit for this so as far the writer has been able to ascertain.

It was in 1922 that the writer of these reminiscences first made the acquaintance of Rota.

In the early stages of this acquaintanceship Rota was very secretive, and used to speak of my secret,” which he said, he would never impart to anyone unless as he hoped he had a son who could follow in his footsteps one day. He seemed more than afraid that this secret would be discovered elsewhere, saying that, if it were given to the world, the world would destroy itself.

As the years went by however, and after as he had candidly admitted he had been working on an erroneous hypothesis regarding the origin of these currents, he became more communicative eventually published in French, a small brochure of which his article in the July, 1945, issue of The Modern Mystic and Monthly Science Review, was an epitome. He was always very sensitive too of being scoffed at, as indeed he sensed he was; thus he would not come at all into the open until there was at least some irrefutable evidence that he was not either a charlatan or lunatic.

Earlier, he was pledged under an agreement with some British friends who financed him, to produce within a given time tangible evidence of the actuality of his discovery, as he subsequently described his secret.”2 He failed to do so in the prescribed the chief reasons being want of finance before his installation in France was completed. He had misjudged his, requirements, not least because of the said erroneous hypothesis as to the origin of .these currents. It was the embryo plant in France that caused him to realize the truth (as he sees it), and which taught him many things besides. The money was not really lost only his time was. In those days he had to stint to live as well to try and complete the installation in France.


The most one ever got out of him at the very first was, that these currents had an earthly origin and manifested in the abstractions we know as light Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, and Gravity. Subsequently, he never referred to Gravity but substituted “Universal Attraction,” and sometimes Universal Cohesion.” The point to being made here is that he always regarded Gravity as a force which could be controlled but said little of Magnetism. As Solomon remarked everything be twain,’. i.e., male and female, manifesting positive and negative polarity as with electricity as indicated by plus and minus and in pendulum actions, etc. Hence if Gravity as the laity know it, be regarded as positive then there must be a negative form. Ergo, herein lies the clue to what we know as weight; Atomic Weight.


Later when he had become seemingly more familiar with these currents, Rota used to assert that one day the analysis of all metals -(and presumably of other things) would be expressed wholly in terms of these currents. Also that several of what were regarded as a single metal were actually composed two and sometimes more unknown metals. These perhaps are what to-day are styled Isotopes. He always insisted on extreme purity in the several metals used in his plant and apparatus. This purity seems to be as vital to his work as it is in developing spiritual power. He used also to scout Newton’s theory as presented but admitted the arithmetic of it. Likewise the atomic theory. Frequently he would remark, if you split the atom, “ you’ ave nulling at all” By inference the power lies not in the atom but exteriorly to it.

A physicist speaking a year or two before the war at a September meeting of the Royal Society put forward a similar thesis and in the October, 1945 issue, page 88 of this journal Mr. A. Annesley Voysey, questioning the accuracy of scientific theory regarding the explosive power of the atom writes: “Can we regard it another way as a local diminution of velocity in the cosmic energy, which thus suspends its power to pass and blows everything to pieces?”. This would seem to be in accord with Rota’s view. Since penning the foregoing the American account of the development of the atom bomb, published by H.M. Stationery Office mentions with some frequency the “ binding force of the nucleus”, which is significant.

Rota’s successful debut at Marseilles made him confident of being able to fulfill his undertaking! To the writer’s knowledge he had begun the construction of at least three of such machines, if they can be so styled, and parts of the second were and possibly still are in London. A curious story attaches to that. These machines were all begun before he realized that his original hypothesis’ (though not his data)was wrong. Later he was absolutely sure he could do this but that it would require capital.

At this period he used to accurately predict earthquakes, and showed an uncanny knowledge. In those days aeroplanes were primitive and made embryonic test flights and distance record flights. The courses that today would be regarded as nothing were well publicised in advance in the newspapers and often Rota would write to the Press saying that if that path on the particular day was adhered to the aircraft would crash. After he had, unfortunately, proved right his warnings were no longer ignored, it was noticed that on future occasions the flight would be postponed or the course altered after his warning had appeared.


Regarding the Weather, he used to say “with a hundred men to do the calculations and I could predict the weather over every hundred square miles of the world. Was this humbug or hallucination? The question arose in the minds of his best friends. Well, from the writers personal experience:- In the middle of March, 1924 Rota, a friend and the author were driving in a taxi to lunch at a well known restaurant when number two of the party said, When is this miserable weather going to stop?. It was a gloomy Spring, rain heavy or bad light for days and no sun for weeks. Rota fished out a pencil, a stiff cuff and proceeded to do some calculations using the hieroglyphics he always employed and in less than a couple of minutes said, “It will be here until the 20th May.” Nor did it! The dull cheerless weather continued until on the afternoon of that day then a warm genial sun emerged flooding the scene and the change could be felt. From then onward good weather. On one occasion three gentlemen and the writer were taking leave of Rota on the 1st September, 1927, when the writer on shaking him by the hand said: I’ll come and see you again, at the end of November or beginning of December either on my way back from Spain….” What! he said, if you go Madrid get back to Hildenboro before 23rd December or will not spend Christmas with votre familie”, you mean? Is there going to be a bad earthquake?. The Lisbon disaster came into his mind, said Rota. ..Very bad storm at Christmas the storm is here now.” He then went on to say storm was already brewing north of the Azores. Towards the end of November the writer again on his way to Madrid Asked about the storm, Rota said. “T errible! terrible! worse than I thought, cold! He begin to-morrow.” Rota was unconcerned by the warmer weather. On 22nd December however, the weather which had been warmer (writer returned 19th December) was followed by blinding sleet with a 60 m.p.h. easterly gales veering to. N.E. quickly changed to snow for another five days. Numbers of cars were buried and were not dug out for a month and many great telegraph posts were snapped like matches. Kent and Sussex were marooned for days. For some four or five days no ships crossed the Channel from noon of 23rd December.

A man able to forecast the weather with so far ahead obviously has knowledge denied to those of greater scientific renown. This article is written at the request of the editor for the benefit of those whose interest and hopes have, been stimu1ated by the articles which appeared- in the July September, October, November and December issues of this journal under the titles of “Universal Currents and, Cosmo-Dynamism “ regarding the work of Luigi G. V. Rota, by a layman who knew him very well but who has not been in contact or correspondence with him since early in 1940. Readers of these two exposes will no doubt have grasped Rota’s thesis regarding procreation, and that a healthy life depends upon the intensity and density of those Universal Currents dominant in the make up of individuals from the moment of their conception.

Nevertheless, a certain amount of repetition by way of introducing the subject is unavoidable, so let it be emphasised that according to Rota: (1) the impacts and direction of these currents upon the earth do not change; (2) They have been the same from the Beginning; (3) they vary only in intensity and density, at some periods hourly. They may be strong in one area and weak in another at the same time. Early on Rota believed these currents had their origin in the earth and so styled them Telluric.

However, failure to realise his then ambitions for a demonstration which would satisfy any layman of their existence, led him ultimately to conclusions which were all embracing in their scope, in the realm of therapy amongst other things. In this realm he has undoubtedly established indisputable claim to credence. Actually, he has always regarded his work in this sphere as a mere sideline, but his success warrants a like credence with respect of all those other potentialities, he visualizes, to some of which I will refer later.

Reverting after this overture to the question of healing, his method expressed quite simply is, to supply the invalid with the “dominant” current and to some extent with a blend of the currents which constitute his physical and spiritual make up. There are two alternatives, one to send the invalid to live in a locality where his or her “dominant” or Life current is then strong and certain to remain so for some while; the other to make up a multi-metallic “block,” to yield this Life current in requisite density, and intensity, to do so he has to strike a balance between the currents -dominant. but innate in the metals composing the “ block.” More than this, however, he has to take into account the then dominant and other currents pertaining perpetually to the place in which the patient is residing and to allow for their behaviour during the next few months or years. Some have to be counteracted, some intensified, The making of a suitable “block” is therefore, a matter of very exact calculation, and obviously abstruse. It is thus too costly a cure to indulge in unless the patient is going to live a long while in, the same locality.

Notwithstanding this, in the interest of science Mr. Rota was doing this work for virtually nothing; he himself being financed, 1936/41 by a gentleman who died in the second, year of the War; a French Anglophile. Beyond the making of suitable blocks lies the “harmonizing” of their component metals which is done at the installation in France. This harmonizing is styled by Rota “synchronizing,” but he says that it is not the right word and that a new word is required to describe the whole process. It is done by Nature. That is, these therapeutic blocks, etc., are connected to several large blocks buried at varying depths in the ground over a large paddock behind his laboratory. These buried blocks are in some cases of a single metal and in others composed of several metals in layers. They vary much in size and weight and all have several leads in to his synchronizing room. Their numbers and variety make possible very many combinations of currents. Rota asserts that these buried blocs grow in power with every year that passes, but that does not permit the synchronizing to be done any the quicker.


On the other hand, a ton of metal can be synchronized just as quickly as 1 lb. can. No artificially produced energy are used, merely time and Nature and Nature operates differently at different depths. I believe that the deepest block is set at about thirty-six feet down and the shallowest at about a yard. Rota has a listening post in the middle of the enclosure set about fifteen feet down.

At present, no English patient could be fitted out with a block and mattress that were not made and “synchronized” in France. Furthermore the mattresses referred to by Dr. Kresser were only made by one French manufacturer whose works may or may not have been blitzed. The mattresses were not exorbitant in price but were luxurious to lie on. They were made of a relatively light wire, each spring having some thirty spiral coils. The coils are of some 9in. diameter at the top spiral to a diameter of about 4in. in the middle and then out again to about 9in. at the base. They are not separately made and then connected, but are all wound from one continuous length of wire drawn from a composite of metals.


These mattress springs have also to be “synchronized” with the block that is supplying them with their restorative energy. Incidentally, it may be remarked, that ultra purity is essential in all the metals that Rota uses for his several purposes. Furthermore no metal whose molecular structure has been impaired by a fall or a hammer is of any use. Rota works to a mathematical accuracy and. blemished metals upsets the fine balance required between the component metals. On the hypothesis that it was intended to construct a base in this country for synchronizing these therapeutic blocks, mattresses etc. what would be necessary? Firstly, of course, the installation in France would have to be duplicated but not just anywhere. While there are a number of suitable sites about this country, if time is to be saved, the one selected must be on what Rota calls “on the same line” as the original in France. Years ago he had visions of one day constructing such an installation in Kent; Canterbury being on the same line of current or currents.

There is a corroborative check here in that like weather conditions will be found to prevail on most days of the year in Canterbury and the original installation and to almost the same extent between that and London. The large “blocks”, required to be made and buried in the ground for such an installation could be “synchronized” in France prior to internment for immediate use when otherwise this process would have to be left to Nature for perhaps four years for the “blocks” to attain an adequate degree of potency. Some hundreds of yards of trenches and many pits would have to be dug, wiring laid and covered in and several hundred yards of aerial wires fixed to posts about fifteen feet above ground. Above all one very complex apparatus of some 7,000 small parts would have to be installed in the Laboratory, all likewise “synchronized.’. The parts of this all important original apparatus, which cost a great deal of money to construct were all made in duplicate and were once stored in this country. It should not take very long to replace them if the original drawings are not destroyed and escaped the prying eyes of the Germans. It was Rota’s dream that such an installation should be on a much larger scale than in France for other purposes and in his eyes of much greater import, which in their whole may be summed up in the phrase, the Peace and Prosperity of all mankind.


Before proceeding to mention such other potentialities and prospects envisaged by Rota, a few illustrative reminiscences of his achievements in the biological domain should be of interest. One of the earliest of these was related to the writer before he had contacted Dr. Kresser and when he was still discouraged by skepticism. The story was confirmed years later. One day the Cure of a village church near by who was aware of Rota’s ideas, told him of his concern lest he should lose his organist because of conjugal friction. After five years of wedlock there was no offspring and the Cure in venting his anxiety said,” I believe if only they could have a child harmony might result. Have you any solution? To which Rota replied, “Yes, perhaps, but I shall have to question them first”. The Cure said he thought he could arrange for this. A day or two later after he had time to make his calculations, he said.” I think if Monsieur and Madame will go and spend three months at P.” (e.g. in the Pyrenean foot hills}, “Madame should find herself enceinte before very long.” They went. Later came a letter saying that the lady had reason to believe she was pregnant, and in due course a healthy child was born. Here the point may be made, that if anyone from England went to consult Rota for the same purpose, he could give them the required advice, as seemingly he is aware of the intensities of these currents at any place and at any date, way back into antiquity. Since those earlier days he has even devised a method of deducing by examination the time and place of conception if the client or would-be patient cannot supply the information. If this is fact, surely there is little to equal it in the realm of scientific achievement.


It was intriguing to hear him speculating (or was he?) upon the behaviour of some famous characters in history . Of Napoleon he used to say that he could never have made a success of his Russian Campaign because both his mind and his body could only have been much below normality , during the crucial period especially when actually in Russia. Dr. Kresser spoke of a little lad, the son of well to do parents, living in Paris who was always ailing and in a few months was so transformed by Rota that he resisted the infection of a virulent Influenza which had struck down every member of his father’s household.

This gentleman was very friendly with Rota and one summer arranged to take him on a holiday trip to his native Savoy. A day or two before they were due to depart Monsieur L. said, that his mother , an elderly lady, was very ill and she might die at any moment, he must cancel the trip, Rota who presumably was acquainted with the cause and origin of her malady said she could not die before 19th October. So it transpired. According to this strange man there is the substance of a reason in the Italian word “influenza,” e.g., influence. At one time he was always ready to forecast the periods of incidence of this often fell malady and to state whether the outbreak would reach epidemic proportions. Also he used to speak of some of these currents as being malefic to everybody one in particular which he called, La vielle femme.[ = The old women ]


May not the 361 currents he claims to be able to identify be likened to ‘streams of creative energy radiating from the Divine Mind and may there not be very many more?

The writer, although he has traveled thousands of miles on the sea, and who has often crossed the Channel, always hated these crossings being a very bad sailor. Knowing this, Rota always advised him in advance of the best day and by which sailing on that day to cross. The writer never once was misinformed by Rota yet he never made elaborate calculations. It was simply that he was almost daily and nightly listening to his currents. Anyone who knows the Channel well is aware of its vagaries especially near or in the Straits of Dover. It can be rough when there is no really strong wind, and not so when a really stiff wind is blowing (the direction of the of course makes a lot of difference). It can be smooth on one side of the channel and rough on the other, a rough sea can get up almost without notice. The reason for this panegyric is to lend support to Rota’s view that rough seas are not necessarily due to wind, though it may contribute. All storms, according to Rota, are due to a loss of balance between currents.

The cause of a high wind and a rough sea may be one current but not necessarily. .For example: A current of a certain nature (or frequency?) becomes dense “ and another Intensifies or another weakens excessively. This is rational explanation of the causation of earthquakes (not tremors) as well, but being aware apparently, of the law of the cosmic periodicity, governing the behaviour of these currents he correctly forecast both earthquakes and the weather. The clouds may be heavy and replete with water but there can be no rain without its current was another of his several oracula dictums. Also according to Rota, the Moon does not govern the tides but they are due to “the breathing of the earth”.

Before we leave the matter of meteorology etc. there two more relevant items worthy of recall. The first relates to firedamp, which takes such .a toll of precious lives in coal mines. None can tell when to expect an onset of danger, yet if careful records over several years had been kept of its occurrence in Britain and the Continent, it. tolerably certain that a pattern would result from where some useful deductions might be made. According to Rota such onsets are not fortuitous but can be calculated well in advance in the same way as the weather. At one period when money was short and before his installation was equipped, he conceived the idea of making a small firedamp “ barometer “ to hang in the galleries of coal mines to be sold at about half a guinea each. He claimed that this gadget “ would give at least a month’s warning of an occurrence.


(see footnote on page 4 )

The second item relates to flying altitudes. He had assured certain military friends that it was impossible for aeroplanes to fly above a certain height over a historically famous frontier region except on twenty or twenty-one days of the year. In other words, except on these exceptional days the planes would be well within range of the guns. Tests were made by the military and so it proved.

As a result of these happenings Rota was employed for, some months to make a secret survey of all the frontiers of that country for which he was paid well. Because of remarks he let fall regarding the location of minerals etc., Rota was also employed to locate the positions of arms and munitions depots over the frontier in foreign territory. Their positions he had already closely approximated by their reactions on his recording apparatus at the installation. For exactness however, Rota postulated that he must follow the frontier round with certain other portable apparatus; all incidentally unaided by electrical impulses. So it was arranged. Rota’s readings confirmed the positions of certain depots already known to the military and he located several others besides. This all seemed excellent to the soldiers until someone remarked that if he could locate these then he should be able to spot the French depots as well. Surement! said Rota, proceeding to indicate the whereabouts of some. This caused momentary consternation amongst the military who felt they were betraying military secrets. A few years previous to these happenings, Rota, with such apparatus as he then had was able to follow the Italian General Nobile’s flight to the North Pole. He had in fact plotted his route and indicated the spot where the dirigible had grounded long before the latitude and longitude of the scene of the disaster had been determined.

About October, 1939 Rota informed the writer by letter that he had good reason to suppose that. A secret enemy wireless station was operating in a certain part of these islands. This was duly reported to the proper authority, “who asked if it were possible for Rota to give the exact position”. Now because of the war, Rota had dismantled all of the overhead lines across his meadow surrounding the installation until it appeared again to be just the innocent paddock of a farmhouse. To supply the information therefore he had to re-erect all these aerials again, which he did.

About three weeks later he gave precisely the latitude and longitude of the spot; moreover a week or two after that reported that he had located two more, eventually pin-pointing these in the same way. These stations were still functioning when correspondence with Rota ceased with the invasion of the Low Countries.


What is of significance, however, is what Rota had to say about these stations. Firstly he maintained that they were transmitting by means of some wholly new principle of wireless not by electrical impulse. Secondly, that the transmitters were situated on the sea coast yet in water about 200 feet deep. Thirdly, that they were transmitting only in one direction. Fourthly, that these transmissions could be picked up by submarines and that only if the submarine surfaced and relayed them by ordinary wireless to another submarine on the surface or to an aeroplane could the messages cross land. The sea was the medium. Here were a number of mystifying statements, which in those days might well cause scepticism and consternation. He had arrived at an these conclusions just by listening without the help of electrical amplification. What led him to make these deductions? Primarily, his conviction that all metals have direction. The writer has always assumed this direction to be that of the dominant current which creates their respective substance. It will be remembered that, according to Rota, all crystallization originates from these currents and that they are constant in their direction.

Rota’s own belief was that the Germans had made this discovery in respect of one metal only and that by some, fluke they had “synchronized” this one metal and were making use of the energy so “attracted “ to transmit with. Pondering over the matter it appears probable that these transmitters in Britain were designed to react to certain weather conditions so giving the Germans information vital for weather forecasting. Outside Britain it may have been otherwise and the spoken voice transmitted by the same natural energy; if indeed the transmitting force was such and not electricity. In the latter case the British “Sono-Buoys“ which automatically informed aeroplanes of the where about of submarines would represent a parallel. Doubt on whether or not the Germans had stumbled in part upon Rota’s discovery that metals have “direction“ and were using just one metal as a carrier wave, arises from a warning given to the writer by Rota in November, 1939.

He said in effect, “ If the Germans have made this discovery then it should, not take them long to achieve another short step forward when they would have at their disposal a means of destroying all the electrical generation plant in Great Britain and she would .be helpless.” Seeing that the only damage sustained by generating stations was from bombs and incendiaries, was he right in his first assumption concerning these clandestine stations with which the Germans were equipped at the outbreak or hostilities? If he was right then the, Germans failed to take the extra step referred to. Certainly during the first six months of the war they seemed to have information of various happenings a1most as soon as they had taken place. Was this by norma1 wireless portable transmitters or, by means of such non electrical apparatus as Rota visualized from just listening ? The last two words may provide the answer for his claim was that only he had the means of audition beyond the Germans themselves.


Electricity being a degradation of energy, what then is Rota’s idea of wireless equipment?

According to Rota messages transmitted by natural energy could only be received by a receiver having a diaphragm “ear drum” or reverberating face made from the same sheet or block of metal and “synchronised” (or the equivalent ) at one and the same time and for the same period as the transmitting unit. In making this statement the write adopts the hypothesis that this new method of wireless transmission which Rota undoubtedly believed was being use at these clandestine German stations in this country and elsewhere were designed to operate after a manner which years later he described as being the wireless of the future and which alone he held could be wholly private and untappable being quite unaffected by atmospherics.

Incidentally, another of Rota’s dictums is that what are styled atmospherics would not interfere with ordinary radio receivers but for the impurities in the metals used in their construction, which impurities in the metals used respond strongly to intensification of those currents which create these impurities coupled perhaps with a temporary decadence in the parent currents of the main metals used in the construction of the valves, aerials etc.

Purity again is the essence of good reception. Conceive then a block of metal to have been synchronised and then cut into tiny thin sheets or discs. Place these disks in say various parts of Australia keeping one at home and there will be a constant flow of affinitive energy from the one to the other in Australia for some years, which flow acts as a carrier wave. This is the foundation of wireless as Rota sees it. Amplification and neutralisation of locally interfering currents presumably would be cared for by suitable blocks at either end, similar to those blocks used with his mattresses etc. which are in effect batteries or accumulators.

Nature and detection of the Universal Currents